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About Motorized Knapsack Sprayer in Kenya

We sell quality motorized knapsack sprayers for hardworking farmers in the country. Our commitment is to support clients that purchase motorized knapsack sprayers from us with exceptional service whenever needed. With our specialization in providing knapsack sprayers, we have invested time to learn of all the best products in the market so we can avail them to our clients. In our inventory you will find the Aico brand of motorized sprayers known for their durability, innovation and ingenuity.

The unsurpassed quality and reliability of our products has continued to earn us the trust of customers in the country and the entire East African region. Our customers are happy that we stock products that ensure their comfort and noticeably increase productivity. We promise to continue updating our inventory with nothing but the best so farmers looking to enhance their productivity will get nothing short of what they desire.

Our team of highly trained and knowledgeable field support staff can come to you for product training and demo events to ensure you know how to operate the motorized knapsack sprayer for best results and how to maintain it. We intend to become the BEST supplier of motorized knapsack sprayers in the country.

 **** Our Knapsack Sprayers Prices ****

AICO Motorized Knapsack Sprayer 4 Stroke (25 litres) - Ksh 25,000

AICO Motorized Knapsack Sprayer 4 Stroke (160 litres) - Ksh 85,000

AICO Motorized Knapsack Sprayer 4 Stroke (60 litres) - Ksh 65,000

Pacwell Motorized Knapsack Sprayer 2 stroke (20 Litres) - Ksh 17,000

Pacwell Motorized Knapsack Sprayer 4 stroke (25 Litres) - Ksh 30,000

Honda Motorized Knapsack Sprayer 4 stroke (25 Litres) - Ksh 42,000

Mist Sprayer with Honda GX35 Engine 4 stroke (14L) - Ksh 48,000

Jacto Manual Knapsack Sprayer 20L - Ksh 8,500

Farmate Manual Knapsack Sprayer 20L - Ksh 3,200

Turbo Manual Knapsack Sprayer 16L - Ksh 2,000

Turbo Manual Knapsack Sprayer 20L - Ksh 2,400

Jacto Manual Knapsack Sprayer 20L - Ksh 9,500

For Purchase Inquiries, Call/Sms/Whatsapp us on 0736 629235

We are located at SMK Business centre along Enterprise road, next to Hillocks (Abt 2 kms from GM)

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Choosing The Best

Motorized Knapsack Sprayer in Kenya

Knapsack sprayers have been around for quite some time now but innovators have continued to come up with ideal features to make them more versatile and useful. Motorized knapsack sprayers are the epitome of efficiency with knapsack sprayers. What is a motorized knapsack sprayer? Can you get a motorized knapsack sprayer in Kenya?

Motorized knapsack sprayer

A motorized knapsack sprayer is made in the same way as the usual knapsack sprayer only that it has an engine that makes spraying quick and effective. With a motorized sprayer you can cover more ground in a short while. What's more, with a motorized knapsack sprayer you do not tire out quickly since you do not have to keep moving the lever to dissipate the spray.

Choosing a motorized Knapsack Sprayer

There are many motorized knapsack sprayers in Kenya that choosing the one which is right for you can be confusing. However, it doesn't have to be because we are suppliers of the best motorized knapsack sprayers in Kenya. Here are some of the features and benefits you will enjoy from our motorized sprayers;

Ergonomic and Lightweight – our motorized sprayers are made high quality but lightweight plastic and other materials. The small but powerful 2 stroke engine doesn't add to your load. With our motorized knapsack sprayers, you can keep working the entire day without getting fatigued from carrying heavy loads on your back.

The straps are long enough and made of durable synthetic materials. They are also nonabsorbent ensuring you are dry and protected regardless of the weather. They are also adjustable to ensure you can place the sprayer where it is most comfy on your back. Further, to ensure your comfort, the straps and the backrest are padded. This ensures that the weight of the knapsack sprayer doesn't weigh heavily on you as you continue working throughout the day.

Ease of use – our motorized knapsack sprayer in Kenya comes with many features that make it easy to use the device with a lot of ease. Just like when using the manual sprayer, no special skills are needed to use the motorized knapsack sprayer. The sprayer comes with all the required accessories that will make your work easy.

The engine is pretty quick and easy to start or refill. On the tank, the maximum and nominal filling levels are clearly marked so you know up which level you should fill the tank. Our motorized knapsack sprayers come ready to use. No confusing assembly of parts is required.

Easy maintenance and cleaning – with our motorized knapsack sprayer in Kenya, maintenance is pretty easy. Even those people that are not handy with equipment and simple machines can be able to properly clean and care for our motorized knapsack sprayers.

The lid is big and easy enough to remove making the interior of the tank accessible for cleaning. The exterior is made of durable and easy to care for plastic materials. All that is needed is cleaning with soap and water and your knapsack sprayer is good. The nozzles can be adjusted, removed, changed and cleaned with ease. No special tools or skills are required in the process.

Safety– we only stock motorized knapsack sprayers in Kenya, that are made with your safety in mind. To keep you safe during operation, our knapsack sprayers have the following features;

  • The body of the knapsack sprayer doesn't have any sharp or abrasive edges that can cause you harm
  • The engine exhaust is directed safely from the user
  • Our motorized sprayers do not leak unnecessarily
  • The sprayer is always stable and stands upright when full or empty
  • Fuel tank can be refilled with ease without spilling fuel on the engine
  • The fuel refill levels are indicated clearly
  • Our engines are extremely silent
  • The engine has antivibration mountings that ensure minimal vibration when it is running.

And so much more.

Durability – we only stock quality and our motorized knapsack sprayer in Kenya is known for quality. The engine is mounted securely and shielded in a way that it is protected from physical damage. The tank is made of superior quality plastic and other materials that are UV resistant and that can last long in outdoor and rough use.

If you are in the market for a motorized knapsack sprayer in Kenya, then you should consider buying from us. We have desirable experience and expertise supplying quality motorized knapsack sprayers to farmers from all over Kenya.