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How does a motorized knapsack sprayer work?

A motorized knapsack sprayer uses the same principle of operation as the manual sprayer. However, this one comes with an engine to do the manual work of creating pressure inside the tank to dissipate the liquid. All you have to do is point the nozzle where you want to spray as you move along.

Does the motorized sprayer require maintenance?

Maintenance of our motorized knapsack sprayers is quick and easy. No special tools or skills are required to maintain your knapsack sprayer. We provide a detailed owner manual which will guide you on what you should do with the particular model of knapsack sprayer you own. However, if you are having any problems with your knapsack sprayer we are only a phone call away.

Is the motorized knapsack sprayer heavier than the manual sprayer?

The engine of the motorized knapsack sprayer is small and therefore does not add a lot of weight to the load. Our brands come with 16L and 20L capacity tanks which do not exceed the recommended weight when filled with liquid. You can be sure that we offer the perfect blend of weight and power to keep you working all day long if you want to without fatigue.

Which nozzles can I use?

Our motorized sprayers are versatile and can fit a wide range of nozzles to suit the tasks at hand. You can fit boom nozzles, double nozzles and so many more depending on the task. There are also adjustable nozzles so you get the kind of pressure and flow you desire.