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Knapsack Sprayer

Knapsack Sprayer price in kenya

Knapsack sprayers are versatile equipment highly used by farmers in the country to spray their crops and animals. However, the manual knapsack sprayers are not very efficient which is why the motorized knapsack sprayers were invented.

The motorized knapsack sprayer uses a fuel run engine to generate the pressure by the knapsack sprayer to move the liquid up the pump, through the hose and eject it through the nozzles. With a manual knapsack sprayer, the pressure needed to do all of this is generated by moving the hand lever up and down.

It therefore means that in a manual knapsack sprayer, the operator becomes really tired. Also, as the operator tires, the pressure developed reduces and hence the chemical operation changes. Manual knapsack sprayers are also known to cause arm fatigue because of the repetitive motion required.

The motorized knapsack sprayers overcome all of these shortcomings of the manual knapsack sprayer. The engine runs consistently ensuring that the pressure developed is consistent and the chemical application therefore is uniform across the farm. With a motorized knapsack sprayer you can cover twice the distance than with the manual knapsack sprayer.

What's more, you do not have to worry about the knapsack sprayer price in Kenya. With all the benefits of the motorized knapsack sprayer, you are sure that the return on investment is great. You save a lot of work hours ensuring that the employees at the farm are more productive. Further, with the motorized knapsack sprayer, you can salvage fruits that are high up a tree with ease ensuring more harvests.

Also, a motorized knapsack sprayer doesn't cost too much money upfront even in comparison to the manual knapsack sprayer. With a little more money you can secure yourself a motorized knapsack sprayer and enjoy the enormous benefits it comes with.